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Equality and Diversity

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will have learned about:

  • The legal background to equality and diversity (The Equality Act 2010)
  • How to define equality and diversity
  • The "protected characteristics" described in the Equality Act
  • The nature and types of discrimination as described in The Equality Act
  • Exemptions from The Equality Act
  • What equality and diversity is – and isn’t
  • The legal case for equality and diversity
  • How to spot discrimination in the workplace
  • How to react to discrimination at work
  • How to handle bullying and harassment at work
  • How to devise a positive equality and diversity policy
  • What ‘positive discrimination’, ‘reasonable adjustments’  and ‘reasonable steps’ are
  • Additional information on disability at work
  • Why equality and diversity matters
  • The positive case for equality and diversity.
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